A holistic approach
for Multi-generational solutions

Our holistic approach aligns the expectations of individual family members with the family’s wealth – based upon a family governance process which is jointly devised and thus agreed upon as binding for family members.


Family Expectations: Defined through jointly supported traditional values and future goals of the family. This allows for a family mission statement to be developed that describes what the family stands for and how the family wishes to be perceived.


Family Wealth: Comprises all aspects and sources of family wealth – from core operational businesses of the family and stakeholdings to bankable assets and extending all the way to art collections and lifestyle assets.


Family Governance: The mortar which holds the family together. This involves an agreed upon family charter and a code of conduct binding for all family members. Family governance can encompass the implementation of a family supervisory board or conducting periodic meetings. Additionally, a comprehensive wealth strategy will be defined on the basis of underlying contracts and agreements.